Sand Slurry Sealing Transforms Asphalt Surfaces

Sealing your paved surfaces is an excellent way to rejuvenate older surfaces while increasing functionality. Sand slurry sealing has been used for years and has quickly become the go to sealing method for the finest paving companies in the industry. What is sand slurry sealing and why does it matter? If you’re a property owner or manager, it pays to know. Learning a little more about the product and its application will shed some light on one of the most functional and cost-effective maintenance secrets in the paving world.


What is Sand Slurry Sealing?


Sand slurry sealing is typically a mixture of graded aggregates, refined tar emulsion, polymer modifiers, and a mineral filler. It’s usually applied as a thin layer over asphalt and is used to protect surfaces and prolong their lives. Sand slurry sealing also adds the benefit of creating a textured surface that provides greater grip than older paved surfaces. It’s widely used on parking lots, public and private roads, and anywhere you might happen to see asphalt. It cannot be used to fill potholes or cracks, contrary to popular belief. All damaged areas of the pavement should be repaired prior to the application of sand slurry sealing to ensure the best possible finish.




Sand slurry sealing is best left to experienced professionals in the industry. They’ll take care not to get the sealant anywhere it doesn’t belong. The sealant is applied by brush or squeegee around the border of the paved surface to ensure that no damage is caused by heavier equipment and that sealing can be dealt with without discolouring curbs or garden areas. Once the area has been bordered, an experienced worker will spray sand slurry sealant to the remainder of the area. For anyone looking for a faster job or those with bigger spaces that need to be sealed, the well-equipped team will bring in an impressive vehicle able to coat strips up to fourteen feet wide at a time.


Hiring the Best


There are dozens of teams in the GTA providing sealing services. If you want a surface that will look its best and add functionality, it might be beneficial to call a couple of paving companies prior to making a decision. Some lesser paving firms would lead you to believe that a bucket of tar or black paint is enough to provide an adequate sealing. If you really want the best looking and longest lasting finish, finding a team with an exceptional sand slurry sealant is vital. Likewise, the most dependable paving company will work around your schedule day or night, thereby reducing the amount of time your business is interrupted. With confidence in their work and the product they use, they will offer industry leading warranty.


Maintaining paved surfaces is the best way to keep property looking its best. To get the most bang for your buck, sealing with a sand slurry mixture is an absolute must. Don’t listen to any paver who tells you otherwise. Contact the best paver in the business to learn more about their specific products and to get your pavement sealed the right way.


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